PrestaShop Classic Theme


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E-commerce template design

PrestaShop is a solution to create e-commerce websites. It is used worldwide and is one of the leaders in its field. PrestaShop federates a huge community of developers and online merchants contributing to improve its open-source software. PrestaShop’s new version (1.7) needed a new default e-commerce template: “Classic theme”.

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Visual direction

Proposing a clean, minimalist and neutral UI design was obvious. Because a default template should be suitable for any kind of online shop. Whether they sell bikes, shoes or hardware. Products should be the star of an online store, nothing else. And the website’s navigation flow should be unambiguous.

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Style Guide

A great work of benchmarking and ux research was made by the team to ensure this templates follows all e-commerce good practice. My job was to focus on the template UI design. Designing a style guide for “Classic Theme” not only ensured graphical consistency throughout the entire website, but it also helped the front-dev team working quickly and efficiently.