PrestaShop Addons


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E-commerce website optimization

PrestaShop is a solution to create e-commerce websites. It is used worldwide and is one of the leaders in its field. PrestaShop federates a huge community of developers and online merchants contributing to improve its open-source software. PrestaShop Addons is one of PrestaShop’s department. It is a marketplace, where merchants and developers can buy and sell thousands of themes and addons for PrestaShop.

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UI restructuration

PrestaShop Addons website suffered a lack of clarity and consistency it needed stronger page layouts and a properly defined set of UI components.
I designed a layout system that would be suitable for each type of existing content (1 column, 2 colums, 3 colums, with or without images, cards, side navbars, etc.) This bootstrap the process of creating new pages while ensuring visual consistency.

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The Home Page case

The homepage needed a little more clarity, and a little less monotony. It used to be a never ending flow of products and promotional banners, all displayed the same way. The easiest way to improve that page was clarify its structure (which helps scanning the page) using background colors and better titles to differentiate different sections. This contrast also creates a rhythm which make the page less boring and more readable.

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Illustration and Graphic Design

As a marketplace is above all an e-commerce website, it needs constant promotional campaigns. Banners, newsletter illustration and other visual assets need to be made on a weekly basis, often declined in multiple languages. I found out that the most efficient way to do this was defining strong illustration guidelines. And mastering graphic design tools & software.