Héros pour de Vrai


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Mobile App Design

« Héros pour de Vrai » is a cross-platform mobile application. It helps parents motivating their kids to do their home chores and behave better, thanks to gamification mechanisms. Created from scratch by a small French startup, this application needed to be designed entirely: IA, user flows, wireframes, UI design, visual identity & logo.

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Wireframes and prototypes

After defining use cases, I was able to design the application’s architecture and create a basic wireframe. It provided screen zoning, user flow, and interactions. For the UI, I chose to follow the great material design guidelines. This decision helped bootstrapping the front dev process by using angular material library.

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Meaningful illustrations

An important part of designing this app was to communicate with pictures because some of its youngest users are not able to read yet. I had to depict concepts of daily chores very clearly: “brush your teeth”, “Remove your shoes”, “Clean your room”, etc. I decided to use this opportunity to introduce a cheerful and fun color palette to this app. Creating dozens of illustrations from scratch.